A Jewel Beneath Biokovo

Drvenik is a place which got its name from the word tree ("drvo" in Croatian) and it has its roots deep in the history of Makarska Riviera. Find out more about the jewel that connects the massiveness of Biokovo's reefs and the vastness of the sparkling Adriatic Sea.

Apartments Petracie and Drvenik

The Apartments Petracie are a cozy house with 9 apartments, which treasure the story of the family Gabrić behind its name. The family originated from the Petrač line and lived once in the Old Village Drvenik, just below Biokovo.

The idyllic life was cut short in the 60s, as an earthquake destroyed the beautiful village. Like all residents, the Gabrići left the ruins of the village behind, descended the mountain and built a new home in the calmness of two bays - Gornja and Donja Vala. This is where new Drvenik emerged.

A short stroll through this peaceful and relaxing place reveals its rich history. The great love of the Croatian Romeo and Juliet carved in stone, the Turkish battles and courage of Drvenik's women are just some of the stories Drvenik can tell you.

Apartments Petracie | Apartments Petracie and Drvenik

Village Drvenik

Drvenik is often described as a relaxing but vibrant place. It is located on two beautiful bays at the foot of Biokovo mountain, so you can enjoy the crystal clear sea and the refreshing mountain air at the same time.

Apart from the fairytale environment, Drvenik is adorned with a rich history: the remains of great battles with the Turks and the cascading gardens of the Old Village are just a few storytellers of ancient times. From historical sites to natural beauties and numerous activities, Drvenik has something for every taste.

Apartments Petracie | Village Drvenik
Apartments Petracie | The Adriatic is Near

The Adriatic is Near

Our apartments are only a 5 minute walk from the sea, where long beaches and numerous activities await. Enjoy the beauty of the bays and find out why the Croatian coast is one of the most beautiful coasts in the world.

Apartments Petracie | Biokovo über Sie

Biokovo above You

If you enjoy hiking or just want to breath in fresh mountain air, Biokovo is the place for you. With rich flora and beautiful seaview, experience the other side of Drvenik!

Attractions and Activities

From hiking to local culinary specialties, Drvenik and its surroundings offer a wide range of activities for all ages, as well as numerous natural and historical attractions. Go exploring and discover the magic of Makarska Riviera!

Apartments Petracie | Attractions and Activities


Drvenik is surrounded by the magnificent Biokovo Mountain, where hiking becomes a tourist attraction.

The Island Hvar

Take an exploration tour of the Adriatic Sea and visit the sunniest island in Europe - Hvar!


Enjoy a large number of restaurants with traditional Adriatic cuisine.

Aquapark "Gornja Vala"

You will find various activities on the long beaches of Drvenik, one of which is an aquapark!

Jet-Ski Rental

Alone or in pair, master the waves of the Adriatic sea. A Jet-ski can be rented throughout the season.

Boat Rental

Sail the Adriatic Sea on one of the rental boats you can get in Drvenik.

Nature Park Biokovo

Conquer a majestic 1762 m peak and enjoy the rich flora of one of the most beautiful nature parks in Croatia.

National Park Krka

Check out the seven travertine waterfalls and swim in the sweet-salty waters of the famous river Krka.

The Baćina Lakes

A series of freshwater lakes is a favourite attraction for tourists and lovers of sport fishing.

The Island Korčula

Take a walk through the old town core of Korčula and enjoy famous Croatian wines.

Makarska Riviera

Experience the beauty of the Croatian coast through the Makarska Riviera and visit its most famous town - Makarska.

Choose Your Apartment!

There is a lot more Drvenik has to offer! Whether you are looking for a peaceful holiday or are interested in attractions of the beautiful Drvenik, choose your apartment. See you this summer!